Clipping Path Services and Image Masking

A clipping path is a closed shape, which is used to outline a two-dimension picture using the image editing software. Anything, which is within the path, will be incorporated and outside the path will be removed after the clipping paths are used. That’s for the layman.

How boring it would be if every product or model appears rectangular in a layout. Thankfully, we clip images using Alpha Channel Masking or Clipping paths around the subject to eliminate the unwanted parts of an image or Image Background removal. so that the products are a much better fit in a layout.

When to Use Image masking techniques!!

Clipping path will not work on products or objects with hair or blurry edges. With such products, we use advanced masking techniques like channel masking or selective color to extract product image to fit any kind of background.

Our Clipping Path Process

There are lots of shortcuts and plug-in in the market to remove unwanted background from an image but nothing matches the accuracy and quality when it comes to a hand-drawn Photo clipping path using the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop. This is where the photo retouching have an edge when it comes to delivering high-quality clipping path services every time. Highly skilled professionals in our organization are adept when it comes to making clipping paths manually in a very quick time.

Before processing every image is analyzed so that it could be assigned a technique that enables flawless product extraction from the background. We mostly use Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop to create precise clipping paths for our customers. However, we are flexible enough to use other techniques like the magic wand, magic eraser etc to save time while never compromising on quality.

Medium Clipping Path servicesMedium Clipping Path

Medium Clipping Paths

These kinds of products do require some skill with the pen tool or various selection tools in Adobe Photoshop. It may include Shoes, Clothes, Jewellery etc.

Complex Clipping PathsComplex Clipping Paths

Complex Clipping Paths

it includes things like Flower Bouquet’s, Some forms of jewelry, complex machinery etc which require a lot of effort and time to process.

Multiple Clipping PathMultiple Clipping Path

Multiple Clipping Paths

As the name suggests when there is more than one object in the frame we have to make multiple clipping paths to extract the background or make them transparent.

Simple Clipping PathsSimple Clipping Paths

Simple Clipping Paths

Simple objects like product bottles, boxes etc are shot in the studio and sent to us for either extraction of backgrounds or make them transparent.


Channel MaskingChannel Masking

Channel Masking

It’s a technique where complex objects e.g. Human Models, furry products etc are extracted to be placed on any kind of background effortlessly.


One Destination for all your Clipping Paths needs!!

Our professional clipping path services are a perfect fit for every kind of industry. Be it E-Commerce, Advertising, Publishing Houses, Photographers. We also love high volume bulk projects; the turnaround time would never be a problem as we have enough resources and skill at our command to meet any deadlines. The pricing is very competitive as we start from as low as 0.20 USD per image. Do get a free sample done from us. You will never be disappointed.