High key photography refers to images that are modified so that they have almost no shadows. They are intentionally over-bright and do not have any dark tones. In the old days’ photos or movies that had dark shadows could not be reproduced well; leading to the advent of high key photography.


In our era of digital photography, our images are colored. Hence, converting the photos into high key images has become an option rather than a compulsion. Such images are considered stylish and are an everyday part of haute couture and

High key Photo shooting


If you are using a special digital technology to eliminate shadows from a photograph, it
implies that you want to add a particular “effect” in the image. This could be
aspects like:

  1. Brightening the colors of the prominent object.
  2. Enhancing the beauty of the main image by making the peripheral items almost invisible.
  3. Converting a family portrait into a style statement,
  4. Altering the focus object in the picture.

High Key Photography Portrait

High key imagery is not restricted only to human portraits. This style of digital photography is used for commercial purposes too. It is used effectively in:

  1. Images of monuments and other tourist attractions,
  2. Photos of models for women’s magazines and fashion magazines,
  3. Streets, marketplaces, landscapes, gardens, beaches, sunrises and sunsets,
  4. Products that are sold online, etc..

The basic intention of high key photography is to make the image look more attractive and


If the photographs are clicked outdoor in broad daylight, then the photographic session can be timed well to take maximum advantage of sunlight and shadows. But studio based high key photography requires a specialized setup.

The photo sessions will need the use of additional lights around the subject for that extra element of brightness. This will ensure that there is no room for even peripheral shadows. It can be used very effectively to eliminate shadows of the nose or chin or bags under the eyes while photographing fashion models.

High Key Portrait Photo

You need a camera with a broader aperture for this technique. If the camera has a light meter that is built-in or attachable, then the exposure will be perfect for high key images. With the timer, you can control the exposure and get the brightest image that is required for the subject. The meter will also prevent over-exposure.


You may have clicked a wonderful picture using the high key photographic technique. But
if there are some borderline shadows that are distracting the focus from the subject or if the subject is still looking a bit dull,  So there Photo Retouching Services can help you out.

High key Photography Retouching

Retouching can take care of the remaining (if any) shadows or alter some elements of the subject for a stronger impact. Retouching will take care of skin blemishes, scars, pimples, stray strands of hair Covering the face, skin tone, age lines, etc. High key photography combined with retouching will convert your almost perfect-photograph into a masterpiece.