A photo speaks 1000 words. A great photo speaks volumes. And when businesses post great photos, viewers get to experience the brand. Photos captivate the viewer. As it is said, customers process photos faster than they process written content. And in today’s highly visual and competitive industry, photo retouching is an invaluable tool.

What is a Unique Selling Proposition?

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the feature that distinguishes your company from its competitors. A powerful USP prevents your business from falling off the profit’s cliff into doom. 

USP instantly identifies you from the competition. It’s a brilliant tool to attract quality customers who are ready to invest in your product. A unique selling proposition could be put this way- something that customers connect to when presented online or offline. 

Businesses know that having a high-quality product image is essential to becoming a successful online seller. Because internet buyers would only see product photographs before purchasing, the visuals should be informative, interest-grabbing, and commercial.

A unique selling proposition (USP) is a marketing strategy that distinguishes your company from the competition. It’s the grey area between what you can offer and what your customers need.

Why is Unique Selling Proposition Important?

You don’t have to provide an entirely unique product offering to be successful as a business. All you have to do now is to come up with a unique approach to promote yourself to potential clients. This is where photographers and photo retouching services come in. Irrespective of what the brand is selling, retouching delivers the images perfectly to suit the brand’s objectives.

  • For example, if your product is revolving chairs, there are a lot of businesses competing to sell their chairs. Every revolving chair has wheels, a 360-degree revolving and reclining seat(if it’s an expensive one). They claim that their chairs are the world’s best. Since customers do not know which brand to choose from, they are confused. Bringing a USP to your product keeps you a notch higher than the others. Your USP could be a tagline- “Sit like never before” or “We change the way you sit.” 

Importance of Product Photo Retouching for Businesses?

Visual attention plays an important role from a marketing viewpoint for businesses. Well-edited and presented images speak the brand’s value. Images have conveyed the brand’s story and have represented them for years. Photo editing companies are the ones behind this success. They help in adding emotion and depth to the product’s images.

When businesses hire professional photo retouching services, they get to 

  • Create images that complement the brand and its values.
  • Convey the right message through edited images.
  • Create images attractive enough to captivate the reader from the beginning till the end of the webpage or an advertisement.

Photos of the products are not there to fill in the space. Correct positioning of the visuals is essential. Aligning your brand/product images with the content and your website makes it look aesthetic. The alignment has to be in such a way that viewers should be able to recognize your brand by looking at the image. 

Editing product images helps brands to post their products on multiple platforms. Various platforms have different requirements for publishing the product. Photo editing services help resize the image with the best resolution possible. It works especially for social media engagement. Professional editors make sure the product images are customizable and compatible with multiple platforms and themes.

With customization comes the need to retouch photos to help create a unique selling proposition for personalizing the product. Creating personalization for clients is a USP to itself. It increases customer loyalty.

The process of retouching is not very tricky. Editors start with removing unwanted objects and resizing the image. Then they proceed with color correction. This step is necessary because the photographers might not have the desired photography conditions to match the mood being displayed. Next, they remove unnecessary shadows and add detailed shadows where there is a requirement. Shadows are important for advertising products such as jewelry, cosmetics, etc. Reflection removal is another element that retouchers take care of. 

Organizing the image creates good visualization for the viewer. Hence perspective corrections and exposure corrections are performed. In today’s world, people tend to point out minute errors in photography. Retouching photos corrects the camera and lighting issues which cause overexposure or underexposure.

Making photos generic to clients eliminates the trouble of being non-inclusive. Photo retouching services help you to keep your pictures unbiased and appealing.

Later, colors and shades are adjusted. The color correction makes your product images more catchy and attractive. Understanding color theory is extremely important to understand the customer’s expectations from the brand. 

The ghost mannequin technique will be a unique approach if your products are clothing and apparel. Many online businesses use this technique to display clothes. It helps the customer to visualize the product as they would see it when worn. Customers do not get distracted by models or the background. If your product is new in the market, the ghost mannequin technique acts as your brand’s unique selling proposition.


Client engagement through images is one of the crucial aspects of a business. Photo editing services professionally improve the credibility of your company by enriching the customer experience. Choosing good editing and retouching services help you build your brand value and boost your non-visual Unique Selling Proposition.

Photo retouching services are highly recommended if you have a USP or not. They help bring the best out of your product images. Professional editors focus on delivering the best-edited images that suit your brand’s requirements. Editors use the best and latest software to edit images. 

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