Photoshop is one of the most widely used photo retouching tools. This article gives you some tips that will help reduce your job time in Photoshop to be 5 minutes instead of 1 hour. Come on, let’s give it a read!

1. Using Layer Mask for Cloning

Please don’t use the clone stamp directly on your image without using Layer Mask on them. You’ll get a more accurate result when you clone one part of an image onto another using Layer Mask.

When you copy specific pixels from one layer to another, click on the Layer mask thumbnail in the bottom layer while holding CTRL Key to select it, then start cloning or copying anything you want.

2. Using Filter

Yes, the built-in tool in Photoshop called Filter is handy when you want to achieve substantial effects on your picture. It can be used for quickly adding texture to a flat background, making the Bokeh effect, creating a color splash, or even applying actions. You can find many exciting filters in there that will help you ‘trick’ the audience.

3. Using Smart Objects for Retouching

You can do with Photoshop Retouching to use Smart Object on your images, then apply any retouch method that you like, resize or transform it into other sizes without losing the quality of your image. How to create an intelligent object type? Right-click on your layer, then select “Convert to Smart Object” that’s it!.

4. Using Actions

To create your action in Photoshop, click on the ‘Window’ menu, choose ‘Actions’, once you are inside Actions Palette, press CMD+N to create a new set, for example, or simply select an existing set and click the right mouse button and choose ‘duplicate,’ you can give a name for this action.

Select an action from the top left menu list in Actions Palette, then press the play button to run it on your image. You can also stop running a specific action by double-clicking on that specific step.

5. Using Drop Shadow

Using Drop Shadow, you can create a nice shadow for your text or anything you are working on in Photoshop. Click Layer > Layer Style > Inner Shadow to add depth and give your image life, even if it’s just your slogan.

6. Using Pen Tool

Photoshop is not only for retouching but also for creating or editing vector graphics. To create a nice logo for your business, use the Pen Tool and add some excellent shape on it, then add colors to it.

7. Retouching With Filters

Retouching is not only about using your fingers on the keyboard but with your mind how to fix or improve some parts of an image without doing any damage or effect on that image. You can add some effects using filters, not using your hands on the keyboard. This is an excellent way to practice your mind and give a nice result for a high-quality product retouching job.

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8. Using Smart Brush

What makes Photoshop a powerful graphic editor is its innovative tool called ‘Smart Brush.’ This tool can be used to quickly smoothen some parts of an image without using a clone stamp or healing brush. Just open the intelligent brush, then adjust your settings on there, then paint it!

9. Using Camera Raw Filter

Using a Camera raw filter is an excellent way to fix saturation and exposure for your digital photo or images. You can find this on Filter Menu, then choose Camera raw filter or open your image first inside Camera raw form.

10. Using Brush Tool

Well, using the brush tool is pretty simple. Just create a new layer below all your layers. Ensure you are not working with an empty layer by checking the tick-box beside the “Background” layer. Just click the Brush tool, choose some nice brush on there, then paint it with black or white color on that new layer above all your layers. Press CTRL+I to invert the layer. Now you will see only what you are painting right now.

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