In the Photography industry, one studio shoot can describe a person in different ways. Taking a studio shot requires various accessories to go with it. The most important thing to include in a shoot is the backdrop to style it up and find the perfect shot. Backdrops come in various colors, patterns, materials and shape to make the best preference. But how will you know the best backdrop to choose for your product?

Choosing the best backdrops in a studio depends on the photographer’s expertise and great skills as there is no rule or limit to what background a client should go with. However, the background, in many cases, describes the mood of the picture, thus they should be chosen carefully. As a professional photographer, most of the backdrops are chosen by instinct and their skills gained from previous work.
When it comes to product photography, most people understand the power of a backdrop in their marketing strategies. However, choosing the best backdrop for a product is difficult. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a good backdrop for your product.

1) The amount of light. Try to check the product’s exposure to lighting with different backgrounds in order to capture the best-detailed photo. When adding light to a white background, the photo will appear with a pure shiny white background that will overlay the product’s lighting. Also, the positioning of the light source will determine the quality and quantity of light required for a perfect shot. Moving light nearer or further from the product will change the intensity of light allowing you to get the right amount of exposure.

2) Color of the background. Not all products look great on a white surface, some products might look overexposed or unclear to the bright background. Blending a product with an almost similar backdrop also has a bad effect to the clarity of the product.

3) The proposed budget. When trying to do product shoot on a tight budget, choosing simple backdrops will reduce cost and still give the best-desired outcome. Including complicated and costly backdrops will seem extravagant but can be favorable for effective product photography.

4) Size of your product. Marketing huge products such as a car will need large amounts of backdrops to be used. This will require a lot of pre-production setup, which seems inefficient and unprofessional. However, looking for natural backdrops will be the best approach to providing the perfect shot of the product. This will not require photo retouching services, product retouching will not be necessary.

5) Include the product story. Every product can describe a feeling just by how it looks on a photo. When making a product shoot, add the basic props that might depict its character and purpose. For example, if you have product shoot of a perfume, adding some flowers will describe the fragrance to the audience.
Different backdrops could be used for different shots to set the mood and character in a photo. Some of the various types of backdrops include:

a) Seamless paper is simple and can be simply a white backdrop. They are the best to choose for product photography.

b) Vinyl backdrops allow a consistent look and are mostly used for commercial purposes.

c) Muslin backdrops are used to set a romantic mood rather than just a shoot. It is ideal for specific types of products.

Impact of choosing a backdrop for your products

Using a backdrop in product photography ensures versatility of your product allowing you to make different outcomes of the product to attract more clients. A product should look clearly visible in all its preferred backgrounds to attract the viewer’s eye.

It has also proven to be the most affordable way of photography as Product Retouching Services will not be necessary. Unlike normal photography which will need subscribing to photo retouching services to make the product ready for marketing. This will be so cumbersome and time-consuming. Product photography has for many years been a great way for marketing as it draws the viewers attention to the product.

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Choosing the best backdrop for a product will greatly impact on how the audience adjusts to liking the product. Just a little color change or a small detailed backdrop in your product can be a great step to increasing product sales.