Top AI Platforms for Photo Retouching

Artificial intelligence can be found in various areas of our lives, with photography not an exception. While it might be a relatively innovation, it is nonetheless gaining momentum. Today, there are AI platforms assisting users to eliminate imperfections from their photos, along with other edits. Gone are the days when users must manually make edits to look their best in pictures. With AI, you can worry less about the hassle of creating the perfect picture, which you can achieve by using any of these top AI platforms.


This software provides product retouching services and clipping path services. AutoRetouch is an AI-powered product photo retouching platform accessible online in your browser. The platform supports e-commerce businesses in different niches, particularly fashion, by processing product images automatically to create pixel-perfect images. The AI-powered editing tool is designed for automated image processing for beautiful images and consistent image quality in seconds. The AI-supported models ensure edits can be easily made on a workflow consisting of hundreds of images at a time. With automation, different editing functions, such as retouching skin, cropping, background removal, and adding shades, can be done with ease. In addition, there are other design options users can choose from without losing creativity, with users also able to manually add finishing touches to images.

With AutoRetouch, users can create ghost mannequin images by uploading complete pictures of clothes, which include their inside and outside. This makes it perfect for businesses in the fashion niche or online clothing stores. Furthermore, the platform makes it easy for users to easily export their product pictures to their e-commerce platform with its integration with Woo Commerce and WordPress. Users can save time and money with AutoRetouch’s AI-powered tools. Beautiful images can be created within seconds, and it costs $0.10 per image.

Luminar Neo (Luminar AI)

Luminar is touted as the world’s first AI-powered photo editing software. The AI-powered tool is accessible on Mac OS and Windows platforms. It is an all-in-one editing tool that includes photo retouching services. It is a hands-on AI-powered photo editor with an advanced AI engine capable of adjusting based on your preferences and past photo edits. The software can save adjustments from one image and applying them to the rest of the photos.

Luminar is a great editing tool for professional photographers with its photo retouching services. It offers great features and tools capable of bringing photos to life. The AI-powered editing tool has different filters and effects. In addition, various tools for photography styles like landscape, nature, architecture, and portraiture, to name a few, are available. The AI editing tool has landscape features such as “atmosphere” and “augmented sky” to create striking landscape effects. In addition, its portrait photography editing offers users the ability to edit eye color and remove skin blemishes.

Luminar is an easy-to-use editing tool. Users can have a free trial and a monthly subscription of $19. In addition, there is an online marketplace where users can buy professionally made looks that can enhance pictures’ beauty and look.

Adobe Photoshop

This AI editing tool provides holistic photo retouching services and clipping path services. It costs £9.98 per month. Each upgrade of Adobe Photoshop comes with new AI tools and different cool features currently available. The software can be downloaded and used on Mac OS and Windows. This AI platform is best for professional photographers for its photo retouching and clipping path services.

Adobe Photoshop includes AI-enhanced tools such as content-aware fill for removing unwanted objects, object or subject selection, and the addition of a smile to the subject’s face. In addition, there are neural filters you can apply to your photos, including skin smoothing, style transfer, smart portrait, colorize, and depth blur.

Retouch Pro AI

This is an AI product photo retouching tool accessible through an online platform and costs $9.95 per month. The online AI-powered product photo editor has a batch processor interface capable of background removal and cropping. In addition, it allows multiple format downloads and can easily connect to users’ ecommerce sites.

The AI-product photo editing tool has different options. Some of them include auto-align and straighten, reflections, watermarking, and shadow generations, for products.


The all-in-one AI visual editor is accessible through Mac OS and Windows, with an average cost of $0.40 per edit. The AI-powered photo editor can be used for commercial photo editing and for businesses in various niches in e-commerce. Spyne helps to create great product catalogues whilst also supporting bulk edits. The platform provides photoshoot and image editing services to users by implementing AI. The program also features guided photoshoots able to detect shot quality and either approve or disapprove. The AI-powered editing tool also offers automated editing solutions.