Creating perfect shadows on an e-commerce product in Photoshop is relatively simple. It is also essential to ensure that the results you get are not only aesthetically pleasing but must also be able to portray the shape and texture of your products adequately. Many Softwares exist that help you to create shadows of your product, ranging from specialized software for e-commerce to an entire suite of Photoshop plugins. The following are ways to create Shadows on an e-commerce product in Photoshop.

1) Highlight and Shadow layer:

This is the easiest way to set up a shadow for your product in Photoshop. The highlight and shadow layers will give your product a nice edge, which is what you will be looking for, mainly if you specialize in fashion or another line of products that require “product shaping.” This makes it ideal for E-Commerce sites. When you create both layers, it is essential to use different colors or shades to depict the highlight and shadow. You can play around with the layers’ opacity to adjust how prominent you want your product’s shadows.

2) Gradient Map:

Using a gradient map gives you more control over your product’s appearance compared to the highlight and shadow layers. The topmost layer will show how dark you intend your shadows to be, while the second layer will depict where your highlights should be. Many designers use this technique to ensure that the shadows and highlights are consistent with your object.

3) Add Image Map:

If you want to mimic a texture onto your product, adding an image map is another way for you to do it. For example, you can use a Photoshop plugin to create a rocky surface and add your product’s shadows. By adding an image map, you can place your product in a realistic environment, which is ideal for a fashion site or store specializing in higher-end or luxury products.

4) Pattern Overlay:

This is another easy method for creating shadows on your product. To achieve this effect, you will need to create an image of the shadow you want using any paint program and place it into Photoshop. Next, run the pattern overlay from the Filters menu and select the desired image from your resources folder. You will then be able to adjust how prominent you want your product’s shadow to look. This effect can be enhanced by adding a gentle Gaussian blur over the layer.

5) Cutout Shadows:

When creating cutouts, it is essential to ensure that your product can stand out from the background. One way to achieve this effect is to use cutout shadows. You will have more control over where you want your product’s highlights and shadows to be placed. The cutout shadows effect can be achieved by adjusting the opacity of a layer that has a transparent background and applying a Gaussian blur over it. The layer’s transparency will create an outline of your product, while the Gaussian Blur will make your product’s edges softer, creating an effect similar to a cutout.


Product Photo Retouching Services are one of the most critical steps in creating a successful e-commerce store. Ecommerce Retouching is essential to making your products look their best when you sell them on your e-commerce store. While these methods are not necessary, they can help you create a more accurate shadow for your product. In addition, these methods are not as expensive as other software and Photoshop plugins.